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Floor Plans 

Most of the residential plans that we're entrusted to develop are one-of a kind floor plans especially suited for that particular client.  If you have a floor plan that you admire or parts of a floor plan that you admire, we could incorporate areas of interests as a basis to developing your Dream Home's custom floor plan.  

Below are a few floor plans for consideration.  These floor plans are not "package homes", these floor plans were developed for one of Hawaii Home - Planning & Design's client or as a preliminary outline for an interested individual.  All of these floor plans can be customized to suit your own personal needs, living style, theme & budget.  

Affordable floor plan

2610 - This floor plan as 2,610 square feet of living space with a centralized "social area".  The extra stall in the garage can be utilized as a workshop or as another parking stall for larger families.

Executive Home Plan - Floor Plan

3210 - This floor plan as 3,210 square feet of living space and is perfect for the entertaining Executive.

Affordable floor plan

1488 - This floor plan has 1,488 square feet of living space & is a nice "starter home" and its "H" shape adds a nicer roof profile than your standard "boxed" homes.  

Floor Plan _ 1665

1665 - This 2 bedroom floor plan has 1,665 square feet of living space with a large recreational room.  The unique & detailed "curb appeal" on this home is anything but typical.

1665 Exterior Elevation - Design

1665 - Exterior Elevation 

**Check back soon for website floor plans available for purchase**

Our floor plans & construction documents are available for purchase.  These floor plans are developed for the Island of Hawaii & may not be applicable in your area.  Please check with your local Building Department Agency for necessary changes for your  particular City, State & County Agencies.  Hawaii Home Planning & Design is not responsible for any additions and / or omissions that are necessary for obtaining Building Permits on website-purchased floor plans. 

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